Dare to Care, Irish Cancer Society

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Recently our client, The Irish Cancer Society achieved great success from their Dare to Care campaign with the help of our Text to Donate service. Outlined below is just how they did it.

The Charity

The Irish Cancer Society is the national cancer charity in the Republic of Ireland dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem and working to improve the lives of those who have already been diagnosed with cancer. 

The Goal

The Irish Cancer Society teamed up with Today FM and LikeCharity with the goal of raising €500,000.  This money will allow the Irish Cancer Society to continue providing their service to cancer patients and enable them to further their cancer research projects.

The Approach

Dare to Care has seen Today FM listeners and presenters come out of their comfort zones and take on Dares to raise funds to support cancer patients across the country. This year’s dare was to be a “Dancer for Cancer”. 

With the theme of ‘Be a Dancer for Cancer’, people are asked to set up a fundraising page and perform a dance, any dance, on Tuesday, 30th April which Today FM dubbed a ‘National Day of Dancing’.

Today FM is also asked people to vote via text for the song they would like to dance to. Each vote also ensures a donation to the Irish Cancer Society. The song that receives the most donations will be chosen for the nation to dance to on the 30th of April.

The Irish Cancer Society used a combination of media and the Text-to-Donate service to achieve great success. The Irish Cancer Society has experienced the power of LikeCharity’s text-to-donate service from their annual daffodil day campaign to the No Makeup Selfie which helped raise over a million euro. 

How they did it

The Irish Cancer Society’s partnership with Today FM enabled them to reach a very wide audience, having listeners all over the country. They partnered up with LikeCharity to enable donors to give easily. 

First, we set up a keyword (DARE) for donors to text to 50300 and donate €4. Setting up a text-to-donate service through us is unique because we eliminate the middleman...

  • We partner with the phone networks which makes collecting donations seamless for charities.

  • We provide the technology so that the funds will be raised efficiently.

  • We partner with the charity and provide impeccable customer service to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  • We also assist the charities in signing up for a ComReg licence so that their advertisements can be properly regulated.

  • LikeCharity is a one stop shop for charities, and this made the job much easier for the Irish Cancer Society

The Irish Cancer Society used our donation monitoring tool, Oz, to track the donations coming in and analyse when the donations spiked. This gave them several important advantages…

They could let the radio station know how much money had been raised, keeping the donors motivated to reach the goal of 500,000 Euro.

Through LikeCharity, the Irish Cancer Society had a transparent way of keeping track of their funds.

The immediacy of Text-to-Donate was essential in this campaign. Listeners were asked to participate, and they did, right then and there, because such a convenient donation method was available.


Why it worked

Text-to-Donate made donating easy for the donors and retrieving funds easy for the Irish Cancer Society. With an effective text-to-donate technology on their side, the Irish Cancer Society was able to focus on marketing their campaign well, leading to an incredibly successful partnership between LikeCharity and the Irish Cancer Society.