Regulatory Guidelines

The Commission for Communication Regulation (ComReg) is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector. For LikeCharity to activate a keyword, your organisation needs to register with ComReg and create a separate licence for each keyword you wish to activate. LikeCharity will provide you with a guide for creating a ComReg licence.

As a donation text message costs more than a regular text message, ComReg need to ensure that you are advertising this clearly with the public. The purpose of your licence is to show ComReg your campaign promotional materials. Promotional materials may include but are not limited to; posters, leaflets, billboards, tv banners, tv/radio advertisements, website/social media posts. You will need to have these materials ready before you apply for your licence.

All advertising must be in compliance with the ComReg Code of Practice:

You'll need to read and understand this Code of Practice. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what the advertising medium is - you need to follow the ComReg Code of Practice and include the full terms and conditions every time. If your charity is asking people to text your keyword to donate, you are responsible for that advertising and for uploading it to your ComReg licence. We would strongly advise against sending anything to print before it has been reviewed by ComReg and LikeCharity.

We have included the below information for guidance purposes only.

Call to Action

When you ask the public to donate you need to include:

  • the keyword (the word you reserved with LikeCharity)

  • the shortcode (50300)

  • the price point (€2, €4 or €6)

  • The frequency if it is a recurring donation.

A format similar to the following is the only acceptable way to ask someone to donate: Text KEYWORD to 50300 to donate €X

Terms and Conditions

There are set terms and conditions that you need to include directly beside or beneath the call to action every time you advertise. Select the appropriate terms and conditions below for the price point of your keyword. Be sure to edit this template to include your own charity name. 

€2 Keyword: Text costs €2. Charity Name will receive a minimum of €1.80. Service Provider: LikeCharity. Helpline: 076 6805278 

€4 Keyword: Text costs €4. Charity Name will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LikeCharity. Helpline: 076 6805278

€6 Keyword: Text costs €6. Charity Name will receive a minimum of €5.40. Service Provider: LikeCharity. Helpline: 076 6805278

ComReg Checklist

ComReg has specific rules for how you include your call to action and terms and conditions in your promotional materials. The below checklist is a guide for how to stick within these rules:

  1. Inclusion of call to action with keyword, shortcode, price point and frequency if applicable.

  2. Inclusion of full terms and conditions with the minimum amount the charity receives, the Service Provider and the Helpline Number

  3. Terms and conditions shown directly below or beside the call to action with no other text or images in between

  4. Terms and conditions are legible and are at least 33% the size of the call to action or a minimum font size 9 (whichever is larger)

  5. For visual promotions, the pricing information is displayed beside the call to action for the duration that the call to action is displayed

Data Protection Obligations

LikeCharity Advice

LikeCharity has worked with over 300 charities in the creation of promotional materials and we have some general advice for how best to advertise text campaigns to the public:

  1. You may wish to include the LikeCharity logo to show that your textline is legitimate. Please contact your account manager for logo files.

  2. Emphasise your call to action by using bold font, Larger Font or CAPITAL LETTERS etc.

  3. Avoid using quotation marks around your keyword - if people include them when texting, their donation will not be recognised by the system.

  4. Have one clear ask and tell a simple story - let potential donors know why they should give to your charity and what their donations will be spent on.

  5. Make your call to action as clear as possible by avoiding clutter, overuse of text/images etc.