An Apology from LIKECHARITY

March 25th 2014

The #nomakeupselfie campaign has taken us all by surprise and nobody was prepared for the huge volumes of responses that it generated.  

Unfortunately we had a technical problem over the weekend that saw some people get billed more than once. We’re investigating the reason behind this but while we do that, we first wanted to let you know.

Irish Cancer Society

If the amount of money that was stated in the text message we sent you just now was more than you intended to donate we are very sorry. Lots of people intended to donate more than one time but we can’t currently tell the difference so we’ve decided to send a text message to everybody who donated more than once.

We know that most of you are unaffected and are just a generous bunch!

To anybody else, again, we are very sorry and please know that we will investigate the issue so that it won’t happen again.

This event has proved that mobile donating is an amazing tool for charities!

If you have been affected, please complete the refund form below.

You can of course call us up on the phone if you prefer, but it will be easier for us to manage if you complete the form.

It goes without saying that the Irish Cancer Society have been overwhelmed by your support and they extend their thanks to you.


Update: April 25th 2014

All refunds have now been processed. Please call 01 443 3890 for further information.