LIKECHARITY’s Journey to €6 Million

Our success lies in the joining of the generosity of Ireland and the simplicity of sending a text message.

As of last week LIKECHARITY has raised €6 million for charities through text message donations!

Our story began 4 years ago when Tadhg O’Toole and John Kyne saw a gap between charities and potential donors.  Text-to-donate campaigns were not popular because cell service providers were not able to effectively set up individual campaigns for Irish charities.

This problem lead to a solution. Kyne and O’Toole dubbed this solution LIKECHARITY, an intermediary between charities and the public that makes donating to an organisation as easy as sending a text message.

Since we unveiled our text-to-donate platform, over 300 charities have used the service, not only in Ireland but in the UK and United States as well.

Chief Operating Officer John Kyne explained that they never imagined the service would be so successful.  

“It wasn’t until Majella O’Donnell’s segment on the Late Late Show when she shaved her head in an effort to raise donations for the Irish Cancer Society.  It was such an emotional segment and she gave great context to the the issue at hand.”  

O’Donnell’s fundraising stunt was able to captivate a huge audience.  Over 15% of viewers donated via text message to the Irish Cancer Society.  Overnight the organisation received €500,000.  

This was when our little startup realised its potential, and more importantly realised that the generosity of Ireland is limitless.  We have gained fame from viral campaigns over the years which boosted donations tremendously; but just as important are the small charities we work with who utilise our platform so well.  Charities like Lauralynn and Jack and Jill are two children’s hospices that use our mobile donation platform extremely efficiently.

“We’re just the intermediary,” says Kyne.  “The real story is the people who donate and the brilliant charities who do such great work.”

We saw a huge amount of donations for Haiti hurricane relief this past week. This sent us over the €6 million mark in text message donations.  Fittingly, this surge was due to the Late Late Show, as retired rugby player Paul O’Connell went on air and urged viewers to donate to the disaster stricken country.


5 Examples of Creative Advertising for Text Campaigns

At LIKECHARITY, we provide a text to donate platform to over 300 fantastic charities. Every day, we see first hand how our charities incorporate text to donate into their advertising to raise funds for their worthy causes. We consistently see charities successfully use mediums like web advertising, social media and print advertising to seek donations. Every once in a while, we see a charity use an entirely different and creative medium to raise funds and we thought we'd share 5 examples of these kinds of campaigns. 

1. Debra Ireland - BUTTERFLY Campaign

Image: Debra Ireland

Image: Debra Ireland

Debra Ireland provide support for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare skin condition. For EB Awareness Week, Debra Ireland combine their text to donate service with the wearing of a butterfly temporary tattoo. Supporters receive a pack with the tattoo and a request to text BUTTERFLY to 50300 to donate €4. They've had some very famous faces take part in the campaign such as Harry Styles, Colin Farrell and Johnny Sexton. 

2. The Saoirse Foundation - BUZZ Campaign

Image: Saoirse Foundation

Image: Saoirse Foundation

The Saoirse Foundation work with people with Battens Disease, an inherited disorder of the nervous system. The Saoirse Foundation provide child-centred ambulance transport services in the form of "Bumbleances". As part of a fundraising drive, the Saoirse Foundation put their text to donate keyword, BUZZ on the side of a Bumbleance and took it on a nation wide tour.    

3. Pieta House - PH4 Campaign

Image: Pieta House

Image: Pieta House

Pieta House provide support to people in suicidal distress. To raise funds for Pieta House, a supporter decided to walk from Waterford to Belfast with a washing machine on his back, the washing machine representing the heavy load that people in suicidal distress carry. Pieta House's keyword PH4 was featured on the washing machine and people were encouraged to donate along the way.   


Image: ISPCC

Image: ISPCC

The ISPCC provide 24 hour support services to children in Ireland. To raise funds for their Childline listening service, the ISPCC partnered with Cheerios. The ISPCC's keyword BREAKFAST was featured on Cheerios boxes of cereal and in other supporting promotional materials.   



5. Heart Children - HCI Campaign

Image: Heart Children

Image: Heart Children

Heart Children support parents and families of children with a Congenital Heart Disorder. To raise awareness and funds, Heart Children decided to feature their keyword HCI on the side of a truck which travels around the country. 



From tattoos to breakfast cereal, it's clear that our charities like to get creative with their advertising. We can't wait to see where a LIKECHARITY text to donate keyword ends up next!