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LIKECHARITY's Video Production Launch!


LIKECHARITY are now offering full scale Video Production Services. We want to make it easier for charities to create high quality video content to connect with supporters online, so we’re making it easy and affordable for charities to access professional video production services. We have devised a simple 5 step process that makes it easy for charities to make great video content in a fast and efficient way.

Why is Video Content so Important?

Video content is an unrivalled means of engaging with potential donors. Getting supporters to share your message on social media should be at the top of all charities social media strategy. Great video content on social media generates 1,200% more shares than text and image posts, meaning it’s a medium that must be utilised to get the most from your social media marketing.

When supporters share your content a whole new network can be reached organically. Posts that generate supporter engagement through shares can translate into real results for a charity such as increased brand awareness, brand engagement and with a clear call-to-action, can directly result in donations. Not surprisingly, it has a higher ROI than any other marketing communication method.

Some of the videos you can create using our new service are:

  • Overview - Use this type of video to find new supporters by telling people about who you are and what you do.
  • Founding Story - Engage people emotionally by telling a personal founders story and educate your supporters about why you do what you do.
  • Your Donation - Say ‘Thank You’ to your supporters by making an explainer video about how you spend their money and let them know the difference their support makes.
  • Testimonial - Why not ask a service user to tell people in their own words what difference your organisation has made to their lives. Recruit volunteers by having someone tell others about why they give up their time to volunteer for you.

If you have an idea for a video let us know and we will work with you to make this idea come to life. To give you a taste of what we do check out the show-reel below:


The service costs €1000 plus 13.5% VAT (T’s&C’s Apply) for new original content or a reduced edit-only rate of €780 plus 13.5% VAT if you already have photo/ video assets in house.

Longer format, Cinema, TV, Corporate and Competition videos are priced on a per project basis.

In addition to our Digital Video Service, we are also offering bespoke commercial content. This is priced on a per job basis and covers:

  • Longer format digital video advertisements.
  • TV commercials.
  • Cinema commercials.
  • Bespoke corporate partner and competitions videos.

If you'd like to know more please contact or


Lead Generation For Non-Profits

Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not “ready to buy”. Worse still you only have eight seconds to convince the remaining 4% who are ‘ready’ that what you’re offering is worth them purchasing in the first place. Just like any regular business non-profits need to show their products and create a donor journey to acquire regular donors. At its simplest form this is about communicating exactly what you do and how people can help you achieve this. For example, using the 8 second rule and applying it to Merchants Quay Ireland’s website; the call to action on the initial slider is clear “For Ireland’s homeless and hungry, it all starts with a cup of tea…and you”. This proposition is immediately reinforced by the simple underling message in bold “A hot meal. A helping hand. A fresh start”. Straight away without having any outside information of the organization you are aware they are;

A) A homeless charity

B) Providing basic tangible frontline services in feeding the homeless.

C) They need your help to do so.

Online lead generation

This all neatly dove-tails with a “text to donate” slider and a donate button, so in theory any website visitor has been prepped with enough basic information to make a quick and informed decision i.e. my donation will feed the homeless. Obviously the rest of the website goes into more detail about the organisation and services provided but the initial hook is enough to compel people to act.

As a result this has led to 74% of marketers spending more than €45 euro in acquiring a single lead. Traditionally LIKECHARITY has specialised in using DRTV in order to target quality prospects.  However, sometimes 30 seconds can be too short a window to explain complex issues in foreign countries that your target audience may not have prior knowledge of.  For example, NGO’s trying to convey the work they do to empower local community’s via sustainable employment, training and equal opportunities. By combining digital media with television LIKECHARITY can use online lead generation to target leads during a TV campaign to increase awareness i.e. supporters (users who’ve text in) can be targeted with stories which will appear in their Facebook news feed before they even receive a phone call from a call centre.

The point of combining two media groups is to increase goal conversion (donor acquisition). At LIKECHARITY we try to influence people at a behavioral level via framing. This means we try to target state of mind as opposed to just casting the net far and wide. By choosing to communicate with someone in an informal manner such as Facebook, we can provide information about the organization and what they do in a causal manner (soft sell approach) and then follow this up with a direct call to action (text to donate) via television. Rather than creating a mad dash to sign-up donors at any cost (nobody likes to feel pressured) this multi-faceted approach helps create informed donors which is ultimately reflected in our campaigns first year rate of attrition (the number of sign-ups who quit within a year) being the lowest in Ireland by some considerable margin (between 1.5-3%).

Lead Generation

This is backed up by recent research by The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) research which concluded that online advertising delivers uplift in brand and ad awareness, whilst TV increases favourability and purchase intent - with the two combining to create a 25% uplift in overall campaign awareness.

How we target a donor is actually more important than the message itself. In Decoded by Phil Bardsen broccoli sales in a school canteen were increased by a whopping 10-15% simply by placing it at the start of the queue. By framing healthy options at the start, rather than at the end of the journey people’s good intentions are easily rewarded (rather than at the end when you’ve already piled your plate full of chips and gravy!). This is exactly what we try to achieve at LIKECHARITY, rather than ask people to make one big commitment, we try to create a serious of small decisions starting with a call to action as simple as “would you like to help?”.  In short we want to reward people’s good intentions.

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