Recurring Payment Text-to-Donate Launches in Ireland!

Recurring Payment Text-to-Donate Launches in Ireland!

Do you want to expand your charity’s fundraising horizons, but aren’t sure if you should ask for a single text-to-donate gift or a recurring direct debit instead ? Do you want to increase donation revenue without necessarily increasing your current advertising budget?

Then this is the solution for you!

Recurring SMS is new to the Irish charity sector and can make donating a lot easier for the donating public. Recurring SMS is similar to the extremely popular text-to-donate service except that it will charge the texter’s phone bill every week or every month (that bit is up to you!). This service makes it easy for your supporters to donate on a regular basis just by sending a couple of simple text messages.

Recurring SMS is an exciting and important new donor acquisition channel in Ireland. In the UK, charities have found that an average recurring donor gives 42% more annually compared to one-time donor. Recurring SMS is a fantastic new tool that can help you reach your fundraising targets.

Recurring SMS is simple and straightforward. This will allow your supporter to donate without constantly texting in to donate. The recurring SMS is a safe and secure way of delivering financial gifts from supporters to their chosen charity.

LIKECHARITY’s new recurring text-to-donate service is very simple to use and access. If you would like to learn more about Recurring SMS, please email, call 01 557 2425 or visit

The Benefits of DRTV

Would your charity benefit from an innovative product that can spread your message to millions of passive television viewers? And help increase national recognition whilst being cost efficient? Your company could not only increase profits, but also gain brand recognition, maximize savings, and elevate the interest of new and already established supporters of your charity’s cause.

DRTV stands for Direct Response Television; this allows the immediate contact between the audience and your organisation to create a special relationship that cannot be guaranteed by other means of media. Sure, there are many other ways that your organisation can get your message or name out in the public sphere, but there is nothing quite like DRTV and here are some reasons why:

1. It’s cost effective: A savvy media manager’s dream is to save money for their organisation, and by using DRTV a company can save 20%-30% of the total cost of media advertising. Compared to the pricing of standard commercials and ads on television, newspapers, magazines, etc. DRTV is reasonably priced and offers more value for your money. This allows companies to be in the public view and stay within their price range. In LIKECHARITY’s case, we provide an affordable platform for charities to generate regular monthly donations and significantly increase public awareness using DRTV. 

2. It’s reliable: DRTV allows direct and instantaneous feedback via text message responses from tv viewers; If a charity’s content is struggling to receive any text donations, then the subject matter can be quickly revised and iterated at no extra cost until results improve; Thus creating a reliable and transparent relationship with donors and your organisation . LIKECHARITY provides live tracking and analysis of all text messages responses and processes all donations in a safe and secure way via direct debit or credit card.

To learn more about LIKECHARITY’s data protection services please click here.

3. It highlights a simple story that evokes emotional responses: LIKECHARITY creates and produces videos that elicit an emotional response, which is important when discussing individual charities. The immediate reaction to the content compels the viewer with the urgency to turn their reaction into action (donating) by igniting the interest of passive TV audience members who truly care about the cause and giving them the tools to support the organisation.

4. It complements other forms of media: DRTV is complementary to other styles of media such as direct mail and door to door because it enhances the information by giving context in easily digestible adverts. By using DRTV and other kinds of media your organisation can reach out to many different demographics; A typical LIKECHARITY DRTV campaign, over the course  of three months, is seen by around six million Irish viewers - allowing a charity’s message to be amplified nationwide.

5. It creates brand recognition: Many charities have found that following their DRTV campaign they received a 20% increase in brand recognition.  DRTV adverts are usually aired on primetime shows allowing your cause to be seen nationwide; meaning a passive audience can pick up the brands name and logo if the advert appeals to them. This is an opportunity for your brand to gain recognition and a following, while also increasing sales. 

To learn more about DRTV and to learn more about LIKECHARITY, please click on following video








‘Hidden Homeless’ Real Estate Agency Spreads Awareness of Poor Living Conditions

Often when people think of a homeless person they think of someone sleeping on the sidewalk.

The fact of the matter is that most people who are homeless are not sleeping rough in the streets.  They’re couch surfing in friends’ or relatives’ homes and living out of suitcases.  Many of these people could not keep up with their rent or were forced out after their landlord sold the property.  

The Society of Vincent Paul, or SVP, has worked to spread awareness about this problem.

There are over 1,100 homeless families in Ireland right now and SVP believes this is a social issue, not a financial issue.  With more regulations on private housing and more support for social housing.

SVP created a “Hidden Homeless Real Estate Agency” pop-up which was meant to show the public first-hand the poor conditions that hundreds of Irish families have to live in every day.  It had simulated displays of overpriced flats with poor conditions as well as hotel rooms, which many families have to revert to using out of necessity.  The idea for the exhibition was to spread awareness of the issues with the private rent sector and fight for better-priced housing.

The displays were live from Oct. 17th to 18th in South Dublin.

SVP asked passersby to walk through the exhibition then to sign a petition, this petition will be sent to Minister of Housing Simon Coveney.  The petition called for more social housing and further reform on the private sector.  1,400 people have signed the petition as of Nov. 21st.  

SVP’s Head of Social Justice John-Mark McCafferty explained that this success was due to a joint effort.  In the Company of Huskies- a creative agency- suggested the idea to spread awareness on housing rates in Dublin., Ireland’s largest property website, have also played a huge role in the campaign.  

You can visit SVP’s Hidden Homeless website here.

5 Examples of Creative Advertising for Text Campaigns

At LIKECHARITY, we provide a text to donate platform to over 300 fantastic charities. Every day, we see first hand how our charities incorporate text to donate into their advertising to raise funds for their worthy causes. We consistently see charities successfully use mediums like web advertising, social media and print advertising to seek donations. Every once in a while, we see a charity use an entirely different and creative medium to raise funds and we thought we'd share 5 examples of these kinds of campaigns. 

1. Debra Ireland - BUTTERFLY Campaign

Image: Debra Ireland

Image: Debra Ireland

Debra Ireland provide support for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare skin condition. For EB Awareness Week, Debra Ireland combine their text to donate service with the wearing of a butterfly temporary tattoo. Supporters receive a pack with the tattoo and a request to text BUTTERFLY to 50300 to donate €4. They've had some very famous faces take part in the campaign such as Harry Styles, Colin Farrell and Johnny Sexton. 

2. The Saoirse Foundation - BUZZ Campaign

Image: Saoirse Foundation

Image: Saoirse Foundation

The Saoirse Foundation work with people with Battens Disease, an inherited disorder of the nervous system. The Saoirse Foundation provide child-centred ambulance transport services in the form of "Bumbleances". As part of a fundraising drive, the Saoirse Foundation put their text to donate keyword, BUZZ on the side of a Bumbleance and took it on a nation wide tour.    

3. Pieta House - PH4 Campaign

Image: Pieta House

Image: Pieta House

Pieta House provide support to people in suicidal distress. To raise funds for Pieta House, a supporter decided to walk from Waterford to Belfast with a washing machine on his back, the washing machine representing the heavy load that people in suicidal distress carry. Pieta House's keyword PH4 was featured on the washing machine and people were encouraged to donate along the way.   


Image: ISPCC

Image: ISPCC

The ISPCC provide 24 hour support services to children in Ireland. To raise funds for their Childline listening service, the ISPCC partnered with Cheerios. The ISPCC's keyword BREAKFAST was featured on Cheerios boxes of cereal and in other supporting promotional materials.   



5. Heart Children - HCI Campaign

Image: Heart Children

Image: Heart Children

Heart Children support parents and families of children with a Congenital Heart Disorder. To raise awareness and funds, Heart Children decided to feature their keyword HCI on the side of a truck which travels around the country. 



From tattoos to breakfast cereal, it's clear that our charities like to get creative with their advertising. We can't wait to see where a LIKECHARITY text to donate keyword ends up next!