The Benefits of DRTV

Would your charity benefit from an innovative product that can spread your message to millions of passive television viewers? And help increase national recognition whilst being cost efficient? Your company could not only increase profits, but also gain brand recognition, maximize savings, and elevate the interest of new and already established supporters of your charity’s cause.

DRTV stands for Direct Response Television; this allows the immediate contact between the audience and your organisation to create a special relationship that cannot be guaranteed by other means of media. Sure, there are many other ways that your organisation can get your message or name out in the public sphere, but there is nothing quite like DRTV and here are some reasons why:

1. It’s cost effective: A savvy media manager’s dream is to save money for their organisation, and by using DRTV a company can save 20%-30% of the total cost of media advertising. Compared to the pricing of standard commercials and ads on television, newspapers, magazines, etc. DRTV is reasonably priced and offers more value for your money. This allows companies to be in the public view and stay within their price range. In LIKECHARITY’s case, we provide an affordable platform for charities to generate regular monthly donations and significantly increase public awareness using DRTV. 

2. It’s reliable: DRTV allows direct and instantaneous feedback via text message responses from tv viewers; If a charity’s content is struggling to receive any text donations, then the subject matter can be quickly revised and iterated at no extra cost until results improve; Thus creating a reliable and transparent relationship with donors and your organisation . LIKECHARITY provides live tracking and analysis of all text messages responses and processes all donations in a safe and secure way via direct debit or credit card.

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3. It highlights a simple story that evokes emotional responses: LIKECHARITY creates and produces videos that elicit an emotional response, which is important when discussing individual charities. The immediate reaction to the content compels the viewer with the urgency to turn their reaction into action (donating) by igniting the interest of passive TV audience members who truly care about the cause and giving them the tools to support the organisation.

4. It complements other forms of media: DRTV is complementary to other styles of media such as direct mail and door to door because it enhances the information by giving context in easily digestible adverts. By using DRTV and other kinds of media your organisation can reach out to many different demographics; A typical LIKECHARITY DRTV campaign, over the course  of three months, is seen by around six million Irish viewers - allowing a charity’s message to be amplified nationwide.

5. It creates brand recognition: Many charities have found that following their DRTV campaign they received a 20% increase in brand recognition.  DRTV adverts are usually aired on primetime shows allowing your cause to be seen nationwide; meaning a passive audience can pick up the brands name and logo if the advert appeals to them. This is an opportunity for your brand to gain recognition and a following, while also increasing sales. 

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What can DRTV do for your charity?

Throughout the life of advertising there have been many different ways to utilize marketing to convey a message to the masses. One of the most trusted has been television ads. When television ads made their debut in 1955, they changed the world of advertising drastically. Recently there has been a different type of dramatic shift in advertising. Companies are focusing more on digital than on TV but is this the right decision? Isn’t there something to be said for campaigns hitting all the areas that consumers participate in? Through research and our own personal experience here at LIKECHARITY we think that it’s vital to maintain TV ads and campaigns while make them consistent throughout for our clients campaigns.

There is a big misconception that TV advertisement is not effective anymore; however, it is quite the opposite. According to Joel Rubinson (p. 220), over the past 15 years, TV has not declined in its effectiveness at generating sales lift and appears to be more effective than either online or print at generating brand awareness and recognition. This is something that here at LIKECHARITY we see to be as true as well. Not only do we help charities increase their donations we increase their brand awareness. We utilize Direct Response Television (DRTV) to capitalize on the viewer's emotions which leads to an increase in donations for our clients. Without utilizing DRTV we would be failing to capitalize on an entire section of the population. DRTV ads are suppose to create an emotional pull the very first time they are viewed versus the consumer ads that rely on repetition.

For many years trying to get the right measurements on how to successfully track TV ads has been a struggle and may play a large role in why there is such a misconception surrounding this type of marketing. Fortunately as technology has developed, so has tracking advertising success. The tracking systems allow the advertisers to gauge what ad is effective, what time to air the advert based on when it is most effective, when it has the highest response rate and when your target audience is most likely to view your ad.

Like any kind of advertising and marketing, each piece has a specific target audience. By eliminating TV advertisement and strictly replacing it with digital, there is a huge part of the market that isn’t being capitalized on. Certain generations tend to interact with TV more than they do digital and vice versa. Of course there is overlap, which is a good thing! The more consumers recognize your brand, the more likely they are to consume your product or in the case of LIKECHARITY’s clients, donate to your organization.

There is not only one “right” way to utilize marketing and advertising but there is a lot of research that specifies which methods have proven to be the most efficient and effective. Next time your organization or charity is creating their marketing strategy, be sure to consider including DRTV!