No Make-Up, No Surprise to LIKECHARITY

LIKECHARITY was born from a simple idea.

People are happy to donate to charity but charities have to make this process of giving really easy.

If it isn’t simple, people are less likely to follow through with their good intentions.

We have always understood mobile response marketing and knew that if we could marry the sending of a simple text message with emotive and captivating TV and social campaigns that give real context to people, we could create a contemporary platform for people to reach out to the charities that they really care about.

The members of the public that charities would love to reach out to, nowadays want their communications to come to their mobile devise.

A Dublin based technology start-up, we set about figuring out how best to remove the barriers to mobile giving and succeeded in bringing 100% giving by mobile to the Irish market for the first time. Previously, only around 60% of SMS proceeds would typically go to charity. When the Irish public learnt that all of their mobile donation was going straight to the cause, overnight, it made the process of giving on their mobile more palatable and crucially, really easy.

The popularity of LIKECHARITY’s mobile giving platform was highlighted when Majella O’Donnell (wife of Daniel O’Donnell), having recently been diagnosed with cancer, shaved her head live on the Late Late Show on RTE1.

A seven minute spot on prime time television drew a massive response. The event gave proper context to a real problem and invited viewers, now emotionally charged, to donate just €4. LIKECHARITY collected €500,000 for the Irish Cancer Society from this event.

~4% of the Irish adult population took out their phone and sent a text that night.

Image via The Late Late Show, RTÉ One

Image via The Late Late Show, RTÉ One

The #nomakeupselfie campaign will eclipse this figure.

Getting people to respond to a call to action is only the first step. Charities need to fundraise to survive and although micro-donations are important, successful charities understand that they need supporters. Individuals who will support their activities into the future; this backing can be anything from selling raffle tickets to donating money on a more regular basis.

LIKECHARITY now helps charities in Ireland, the UK and the US to harness the power of direct response marketing by devising strategy’s, not just one-off campaigns;  a framework for the future that utilises modern technologies and spaces, such as Facebook and Twitter to become visible to prospective new supporters.

This growing trend will revolutionise traditional fundraising, and we're expecting many more campaigns to follow suit.