LIKECHARITY's Journey to €7 Million


This week LIKECHARITY is celebrating raising €7 Million for charities through the text-to-donate platform!

LIKECHARITY’s story began in 2013 with a simple goal - to help charities raise money in a more cost effective way. The company’s founders, John Kyne and Tadhg O’Toole, saw a gap between charities and potential donors and a simple text message was the tool to bring these two groups together.

Over 300 charities have benefited from LIKECHARITY’s text-to-donate platform since it was created and this week we celebrate raising €7 million for charities through the text-to-donate platform.

All of us at LIKECHARITY are immensely proud to reach €7 million raised for charities to date and are looking forward to raising our next €7 million and more!


SMS Milestone - 25 Years Old This Week!


This week marks a milestone in communication technology with the 25th birthday of the SMS (short messaging service). The text message has had quite the journey since the inception of the idea in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert to become the most successful communications platform of all time.

In the early days of the text message things were very different. There was no alphabetical keypad on a touchscreen smart device and the thought of getting a free text to any person on any network sounded like a thing of fiction. The question “what network are you on?” was constantly muttered in an effort to desperately protect one’s credit balance in the early days. Thankfully those days are well behind us!

The advent of the T9 system of writing text using a number keypad made texting a much simpler task and one universally accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The system was so innovative that it was quickly adopted by all the major players in the industry.

The big game changer for the SMS was in 1999 when mobile operators allowed their customers to send texts to people on different carrier networks. This made the SMS a viable modern day communications platform that could connect people the world over.

By 2007 the text message was the most successful communications platform of all time. This was also the year that the first iPhone was launched and soon smartphones and instant messaging apps were predicted to be the downfall of the SMS.

Despite this prediction SMS has five billion users today and this number is growing. The humble text message has not only allowed us to communicate with the people we know, it has paved the way for innovations in a number of industries. None more so than in the charity sector where texting has been at the forefront of fundraising campaigns.

For LIKECHARITY the power of a text message cannot be under-estimated. LIKECHARITY broke down the barriers that made the text message a cost-effective means of fundraising for charities and today Irish charities have raised over €7,000,000 through our Text-To-Donate platform.

For more information on LIKECHARITY’s Text-To-Donate platform contact  


Charities - It's Time To Get Mobile!


Charity’s are founded and operate in order to help those who need assistance in their time of need, so it’s fair to say charity’s can be characterised as being friendly. But in the digital age it’s no longer good enough to be just friendly, you have to be mobile-friendly!

In 2016 mobile overtook desktop as the most used means to access websites online for the first time. This milestone was inevitable based on the fact that year on year mobile was closing the gap with desktop as the preferred means to access websites online. Despite the fact that 55.79% of traffic to websites comes from mobile in 2017 ( many sectors have been slow to respond to society’s adaptive use of the internet.

The facts are there, if your website is not mobile optimised then you will lose visitors on your website in bucket loads and for charities this means potential donors. According to Google people are five times more likely to leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly and over half of all mobile users will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Furthermore, if your website is not mobile-optimised then Google’s SEO selection process for search results will punish you and chances are your website will not show up on the first page of search results. This could result in potential donors not even considering you in their decision making process when deciding what charity to support.

Addressing your website’s mobile-optimisation may seem like a daunting task but with a little research and an understanding of the importance of mobile-friendly websites for people today the process should be painless and fruitful. Google and Moz are two great sources for information on mobile-optimisation among many others and these should arm you with the required tool kit to not only be a friendly non-profit organisation but to also be a mobile-friendly non-profit organisation!

Here at LIKECHARITY we have developed a mobile optimised donations page for charities to capture donations online and it integrates seamlessly with social media for which mobile is by far the preferred device used. Your donations page is customisable to suit your charity’s brand and asks from your supporters. For more information on LIKECHARITY’s mobile optimised donations page contact



Deck the Halls with Christmas FM

Story by Lily Mahon, transition year student, Holy Child School, Killiney. As part of her work experience with LIKECHARITY. 

Story by Lily Mahon, transition year student, Holy Child School, Killiney. As part of her work experience with LIKECHARITY. 


The thing which really puts me in the Christmas spirit is Christmas FM, Ireland's all Christmas music and holiday radio station. Forget The Late Late Toy Show and John Lewis Adverts, this is when Christmas starts for me. This year it goes live on the 28th of November at 12pm and when that date comes I will know that Christmas is right around the corner.

The idea for this radio station came about when a group of radio guys wanted to set up a new temporary radio station. They could have picked any genre but the idea of an all Christmas radio station was put forward. It was thought of as a crazy idea at first and many didn't  think it would catch on but they decided to go with it.

This is something I'm very happy about as a genre such as rock music would not have appealed to me at all! They then said “why not do it for charity”? That’s when the plan for an all Christmas radio station that works with a charity partner was made, Christmas FM.

I spoke with Garvan Rigby, one of the co-founders of Christmas FM. His background in radio began when he was 9 years old. Through his teenage years he did some pirate radio stations in his garden shed, many teenagers nowadays with a love for radio would be using the internet to create their own broadcasts. His success has grown over the years and has worked with many different radio stations including 98FM and Spirit Radio. He now runs Star DJs, Ireland’s largest DJ company as Managing Director and Co-Founder.

Nervously waiting for the clock to change from 14:59 to 15:00, I waited in the "Harry Potter Room" under the stairs. I  was to call the man responsible for setting up one of the things I look forward to most at Christmas. When he answered I knew it was going to be a very enjoyable conversation and began the Q&A session. I asked him if he ever thought Christmas FM would become as successful as it has. He said that no he didn’t and it has grown much bigger than he ever thought it would. He knew from the first week that the audience were enjoying it but in year 2 & 3 it grew very rapidly. He described their audience as more fans than listeners, and are very loyal to the station.

“Once Christmas FM begins, Christmas has begun”


He likes to think of families in their car, singing along to Christmas FM, enjoying the holiday season. They get listeners from all over the world from Chile to China and he also said there are a lot of Irish people living away that listen in. He believes this is because especially at Christmas people want to feel the Irish connection as Christmas is a family time and if they are listening to an Irish Christmas radio station, it makes them feel more at home.

Charities are always delighted with how much money is raised every Christmas as it is mostly in the region of (€90,000-€110,000) but it is not all about the fundraising and he stressed that they really appreciate the awareness that is raised about the charity which gets more people talking about them.

In the first year they chose the ISPCC as their chosen charity. Christmas is very centered around children so they thought it would be a very suitable one. Every year they give to a great new cause. He outlined however that they need a growing listenership and people to donate every year. They would love to expand nationally some time but it is very hard. More listeners equals more sponsorship which means more money to expand.

Garvan’s highlight for the radio throughout the years they have been live is when he walks into shops and he can hear the station playing, this lets him know that people are actually listening and enjoying what he’s doing. Better than that, another highlight is when they raise the funds for the charity to make a difference to someone that wouldn’t have gotten help without them. They know that they have made a big difference to someone's life.

This radio station is quite remarkable as all the people who work on the station are volunteers and then everything that costs money is covered by sponsorship. They all dedicate their own time in support of the chosen charity. Christmas FM run courses to train volunteers in the use of the radio equipment and also in broadcasting techniques. For any of you budding radio presenters out there maybe think about applying for next year? There is no experience necessary but you must have a love for radio and of course for CHRISTMAS!

Each year Christmas FM choose a charity partner to support by running a ‘Text to Donate’ service for Ireland sponsored by us at LIKECHARITY. Listeners from across the world can also donate on where any amount of money is appreciated. All proceeds of the donations go to the charity and there is no cost to the charity to be involved. They have raised over €600,000 for charities including ISPCC, Barnardos, Simon, Focus Ireland and Aware. Last year alone they raised over €100,000 for Age Action Ireland.

This year the chosen charity is Make-A-Wish Ireland.

Make-A-Wish Ireland was established in 1992 and since then has granted over 1700 wishes in Ireland. It grants wishes to children between 13 and 17 years old with life threatening medical conditions. For many of these children, this is their only respite from doctors, hospitals and medical procedures. These wishes create moments of joy at a challenging time for them. There are usually four categories of wishes: “I wish to go to…..”, “I wish to be…..”, “I wish to have…..” or “I wish to meet…..”

One of the first things the volunteer assigned to a child asks them is “If you had one wish, what would it be?” The team then sets out to create a magical experience for the child.

Wish experience is made possible through the support of generous donors and volunteers across the country. Christmas FM hope to raise as much money as they can for Make A Wish Ireland to ensure as many children as possible can have their wishes granted and enjoy their day where it is all about them.

Garvan Rigby (in the hat!) with Make A Wish Ireland and Christmas FM in the studio. 

Garvan Rigby (in the hat!) with Make A Wish Ireland and Christmas FM in the studio. 

I urge you to tune into Christmas FM this holiday season and give as much as you can to this amazing charity.

Every donation, big or small could make a huge difference for these children in granting their wishes and providing them with a great day of memories to last a lifetime. Your support means Christmas FM can help Make A Wish Ireland in this meaningful work.

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit by listening to the songs and carols we all love, and most importantly giving to a charity that makes a difference to so many children. After all, that is what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?


  • Dublin - 94.3
  • Cork City - 106.7
  • Limerick - 105.5
  • Galway City - 89.5
  • South East - 103.8
  • Kildare - 88.1
  • North Midlands - 101.6
  • North East - 99.4
  • North Wicklow - 99.5


  • Christmas FM is available on air, online and via mobile apps.
  • You can donate by logging onto Christmas FM’s website and click the donate button.  
  • You can also request a song and donate €2 by texting XMAS to 50300.
  • They are live online and through their app right now.
  • The radio broadcast runs from the 28th November.
  • Christmas FM Facebook
  • Christmas FM Twitter