The Path of an Ad

You’ve made contact with LikeCharity. What comes next? 

The Path of an Ad.jpg

Step 1

Time to set up a meeting

A member of our team will organise a meeting with you, where we chat over a cup of tea about what DRTV can do for you. We will present you with projected figures (i.e how we think the ad will perform, and what you will get out of it over time), and you provide us with information on what topics you would like our ads to cover. We will then agree on a production timeline and get to work!

Step 2

The creative team gets to work

Once dates and timelines are confirmed, we start cracking on with ideas and scripts. Depending on the required content for the ad - we may need the client to send over footage and images to be used in the video. Alternatively, we may need to shoot new material or hire actors. Once we’ve drafted up scripts/storyboards, we’ll send them on to the client for their thoughts. When we get feedback, we’ll look at finalising the scripts to go back for the final thumbs up before we book a voiceover recording. After that it’s onto the next creative process…

Step 3

The editing

With scripts, voiceover and video/image content at the ready - we start editing. Similarly to the scripting process, the client will be sent the first round of edits and revert with their thoughts. We will then work on finalising the edits for the final sign off. We will always push for an ad that we know will get you the best results possible. 

Step 4

Off to the stations

Once the client is happy with the ads, and we’re confident that they will get the best results. We’ll send the ads off to the stations for approval, and within a few weeks they’ll be on air. If the ad performs well, we’ll push for it to do better. If it doesn’t land with the audience, we will change it to another ad we have prepared. Wasting your money is not an option.