The Power of a Text Message


LIKECHARITY and Christmas FM’s latest results show yet again the unparallelled power of text donating to collect micro payments quickly and easily. This past December, Christmas FM raised €36,838 for Focus Ireland via text message; making it the most raised from text messages since Christmas FM started.

LIKECHARITY’s partnership with Christmas FM started in 2013, where we  provided a simple and innovative song request system for the station M. Listeners text in their requests whilst simultaneously  donating €2 to the charity partner. .  

This year, their attention was given to Focus Ireland,  a charity fighting to end homelessness here in Ireland. Their core objective is homelessness prevention. They provide multiple services to individuals and families. Focus Ireland prioritises supporting those who are currently homeless, those who face the possibility of losing their home and people  at risk of becoming homeless again. Tenancy support  is a huge contributing factor of their success, which includes support services for families and young people, long and short term housing, and other innovative research based services. It is thanks to the unwavering support given to charities like Focus Ireland by  superb initiatives like Christmas FM, an all volunteer radio station, and it’s listenership that enables worthy charities each year to continue providing support and working towards a better Ireland.

We can’t wait for Christmas to roll around again!