Exciting Changes at LIKECHARITY

In LIKECHARITY, we are always aiming to give charities the best experience possible when fundraising with us. With this aim we are building a new bespoke account management system for charities and we’ve also expanded our product range.

This week we were delighted to launch to charities the first stage of our new Account Management system. This first stage will allow charities to see clearly how much they’ve raised by each network, how each of their keywords are raising in real time and financial information. Over the next few weeks, charities be able pick competition winners, update their details, see all our useful guides and much more. We’re building the system ourselves so we can design it to suit the charities’ needs.

Charities can log on by clicking Login on the website menu.So we’d love to hear your feedback! What do you think? What can we improve?

As well our existing services such text competitions and DRTV, over the past few months we’ve expanded our product range for charities. You can find  a full list of our products under services on the website.

Some new services include, SMS Sponsorship which enables friends and family to sponsor active fundraisers for a charity event with a simple text message. It works like a sponsorship card.

Our Bulk SMS Service lets charities contact their supporter via SMS. Whether charities are asking supporters to text in a donation, inviting them to an event or looking for volunteers. Bulk SMS is inexpensive and effective.

We also offer Online Marketing. We produce content in house and execute high-performing online awareness and fundraising campaigns.

If there any other services or products you’d like to see, please get in touch and we can have a chat about. We can help you fundraise and see astonishing results for whatever budget you have.

You can email me deirdre.mullen@likecharity.com or call me directly on 01 557 24 25