How to Choose a Charity for Your Donation


Choosing the right charity to donate to can be daunting. In a world where there are thousands and they all do so much good, how do you decide which one is really the one for you? Here are a few things to consider that you may find useful on your quest for your perfect charity.

Often the thought of making a charitable donation is brought on by a personal experience; it may be through personal loss, cancer has touched almost everyone and the hope for a cure is unending. It may be through personal interest such as helping 3rd world countries learn how to farm, irrigate and provide food and subsistence in harsh environments. Many have strong, personal connections with the charity they support.

Charitable donations are about helping others; fulfilling a need, and improving a situation. As a donor this not only makes you feel like you have made a positive contribution, with very little effort or inconvenience. Many of us are willing donors and the easier the process the more likely we are to follow through. It can often be a spontaneous action, after hearing a moving story or advertisement that makes a person want to take action right at that moment. It makes the donor feel good about helping others and can boost a person’s morale.

With the above in mind, take a look at a few ideas that could lead you to your perfect charity.


1.     It’s important to know whom you are as person: what are your passions and hobbies; what is meaningful to you? This will help narrow the list down immediately. If you are a huge animal lover, maybe a charity that advocates animal rights or rehabilitations is right for you.

2.     What do you want to donate? Money, supplies, time? Of course, most charities will accept all of these but some are better for one of these things than others.

3.     How do you want to donate? Some charities utilize text-to-donate, some use strictly online and some use old school methods like the post.

4.     Do your research. It’s important that you are informed about the work that each charity you are considering does. If you like the results of your research, you may have found your ideal charity.

5.     If you want to provide consistent support and keep it simple, look for charities that allow subscription donations. This is where a set amount, which you determine, is taken every month and is a good way to ensure your favorite charity is taken care of on a regular basis.


It’s important to have a good list with a wide variety of charities when you begin this process. We have compiled a fantastic list of over 300 charities on our donation page. Take a look and when you find the right one, it’s easy to donate. Follow the link to start your search:

All in all, donating to charity is a great thing to do but donating to a charity that really speaks to you is even more fulfilling. It is our hope that you are able to find your perfect charity.