The Power of Partnerships: TV is a fundraising superhero

"Be a HERO for LauraLynn" was a SUPER success!

LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children Hospice, helps little SuperHeroes – seriously ill children & their families – every single day. For this year’s Children’s Hospice Week, LauraLynn and their partner, TV3, teamed up to fight the evils of life-limiting conditions and…

…they raised €109,000 in one week!!!

Every superhero needs a good team and in this installation of “The Power of Partnerships” we’ll discuss how TV3 and LauraLynn used their superpowers to help the real-life heroes of our world. Here are 4 superpowers necessary to save the day - or your fundraising campaign…


Super Strength

LauraLynn had a strong campaign that represented their mission.

LauraLynn provides palliative care and support, free of charge, for children with life-limiting conditions. Their efforts allow families to focus on enjoying their time together, instead of wrestling with the stressful role of being a full-time care giver.

Photo by: LauraLynn

Photo by: LauraLynn

Sticking with their culture of optimism, LauraLynn launched a campaign that focused on the strength of their little SuperHeroes, encouraging others to #BeaHERO and donate much-needed funds for the new LauraLynn@HOME service that brings all the care of LauraLynn to the home.

Children’s Hospice Week, Be a HERO for LauraLynn, was an effective campaign because it because it tied their mission, their up-beat brand and their fundraising needs together under a single theme. LauraLynn’s team provide the children and families with the super strength they need to overcome obstacles every day, so they asked the community to flex their own muscles and help this cause.


A Great Team

A committed team mate can take your fundraising campaign to the next level!

Photo by: LauraLynn

Photo by: LauraLynn

When TV3 agreed to support LauraLynn during their Children’s Hospice Week, they went all-in, gathering up every superpower at their disposal to help the children of LauraLynn fight the good fight!

TV3 brought the cause into the spotlight, by interviewing service users and their families on-air during many of their flagship shows. Amanda Kenny, Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator for LauraLynn, attributes the success of the campaign to the “dedication & enthusiasm” of TV3, LIKECHARITY and all of the service providers and partners that made it happen. Kenny says that TV3 was the Batman to their Robin!

When choosing a group to partner with, whether it be a media partner or service provider, it’s important to carefully consider if this partner will go the extra mile. With any fundraising campaign the goal is for the public to see your cause and a media partnership can make this happen immediately. In a successful partnership, each party is able to focus on their own strengths; the charity can spend more time serving their clients, while the TV station puts their effort into spreading awareness. A media partnership cuts out the middle man!

Super tip: discuss with your potential partner before you begin working with them about how their partnership will get your cause at the centre of the media. Make sure they are committed.



Partnering with a popular TV station, allowed LauraLynn’s cause to be in many different places at once, giving them a national presence like they've never had before.

‘This was a very special partnership as it was our first year marking Children’s Hospice Week on a national level in Ireland, we cannot thank TV3 enough for making this happen. We cannot put a value on the amount of awareness this has generated for LauraLynn & our little SuperHeroes, it truly means the world to us,’ Ms. Kenny added.

The publicity LauraLynn received on TV3 spread their message far and wide, evoking people across the country to donate, something that wouldn’t have happened without the help of a nationally broadcast station.

In addition, LIKECHARITY’s services allowed money to teleport from supporters to LauraLynn with ease. All you had to do was send a simple text and… KA-POW, you had donated €4 to LauraLynn!


The final superpower at LauraLynn and TV3’s disposal was their ability to motivate superheroes everywhere - they knew what the public wanted and used that knowledge to stimulate participation.

As much as people do want to contribute to the world around them, if we’re being honest, people also want to enjoy themselves! LauraLynn made their campaign interactive, allowing their supporters to be entertained while they were donating.

This message appeared on LauraLynn’s website…


With a good cause AND fun activities, LauraLynn made it impossible for donors to say no!

Photo by: LauraLynn

Photo by: LauraLynn

As the grand finale of the Children’s Hospice Week, the team put on a superhero-themed abseil challenge in Croke Park. TV3 news presenters engaged their fans by asking them to donate in honour of them abseiling. Despite their fears of abseiling, the presenters were dedicated to the cause. They went above and beyond and posted to their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages frequently, asking their fans to support the campaign. This was another way that the people at TV3 and LauraLynn got SuperHeroes all over Ireland to share their strength!

Viewers were more likely to contribute because:

  • The ask came from presenters that they see every day, people they trust
  • The ask came during an entertaining TV event, it made the process exciting

It’s important to remember that you’re always competing for the public’s attention; it’s essential to construct a campaign that stands out from the rest.

So when your charity wants to partner with the media, make sure you have these powers in your arsenal:

  • A super strong campaign vision
  • A dedicated partner
  • The ability to achieve a national presence
  • A knowledge of what the public wants to participate in

Congratulations to everyone at LauraLynn and TV3 on their incredible success with Children’s Hospice Week!

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