How to Thank Supporters Following a Mobile Donation

It is well established that gratitude promotes feelings of positivity and well being. Everyone likes to be thanked when they have done something good. If your charity is undertaking a mobile donation campaign it’s important to have a plan for how you will thank your supporters. Below are three easy ways you can say thank you. 

1.      Be Quick:

A direct thank you via text or email will reach your donors immediately! Image via

A direct thank you via text or email will reach your donors immediately! Image via

Ensure that donors receive a thank you message as soon as possible following a mobile donation. Depending on your campaign this might mean thanking donors by text message or by another mechanism like email. Thanking a donor immediately following a donation is a great way to show donors that they are valued.



2.      Publicly Thank Supporters:

Use social media to thank your donors. It’s likely that some of the people who donate to your charity will be following you on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is an excellent way to say thank you as donors who feel appreciated may encourage their friends to donate to your charity too.


3.      Be Visual:

Get creative and make a thank you poster or video. People are visual creatures and tend to prefer images to text. Show your supporters the difference that their donations are making by using visual materials to tell a story. After the Ice Bucket Challenge, IMNDA made a quick video simply to say 'Thank You!'.     

Image via YouTube of IMNDA

There are lots of options for how to thank your donors. What’s important is showing gratitude in a timely and genuine manner. Your supporters will be sure to get those warm and fuzzy feelings that will keep them donating to your charity in the future!


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