UNICEF Tap Project - It's What You Don't Do That Counts

We live in the age of the smartphone. They may as well be fused to our hands, because let’s face it, they’re there all the time anyway.  


But how long do you think you could go without your phone? It’s sitting there, it’s right in front of you - but you can’t touch it.  How long could you resist? An hour, maybe twenty minutes? What if I told you that if you left your phone alone, a child in the developing world would be given clean water? How long could you stay away?


Photo by: storify

Photo by: storify

UNICEF USA is making it simpler to help a good cause than ever before - they don’t want you to do anything. No really, they WANT you to do nothing. With the UNICEF Tap Project app for smartphones doing nothing does so much. When you open the app a timer begins, for every ten minutes that you leave that app open and don’t use your phone a UNICEF sponsor will donate one day’s clean water to a child in need. You don’t even have to pay!

It’s such a clever way of harnessing the popularity of mobile donation. What can be simpler than donating through your mobile? Donating through your mobile by doing nothing, and not even having to pay. Here at LIKECHARITY we’re all about making donating as fun and as easy as possible, and what’s easier than not having to lift a finger - seriously, don’t lift that finger!