€475,000 Raised via LIKECHARITY for #nomakeupselfie

LIKECHARITY are thrilled to share that donations made through ‘No Make-Up Selfies’ more than doubled overnight. The total amount raised for Irish cancer organisations now stands at over €475,000 and the donations continue to flood in via our text donation service.

The craze began on Wednesday in the UK, where over £2 million has since been raised for Cancer Research UK. The campaign soon travelled across the Irish Sea, where over 121,000 Irish people picked up their mobiles and donated via LIKECHARITY. This new total of €475,000 means that over 3.3% of the adult Irish population have donated via text message within the last 48 hours, in comparison with 1% in the UK.

This just goes to prove that, with the right tools, we remain one of the most generous nations in Europe!