€200K + Raised in 24 Hours via LIKECHARITY #nomakeupselfies

LIKECHARITY are delighted to announce that over €200,000 was raised in the last 24 hours  via text donation for The Irish Cancer Society.

‘No make-up selfies’ took hold of Facebook and Twitter last night urging users to support cancer awareness.

The trend quickly turned pro-active with social media users promoting the LIKECHARITY text donation service to make the most of this online storm, turning what could have been another flash in the pan Facebook trend into a life changing movement.

As users began to share their friend’s photos and publish their own, ‘text PINK to 50300’ began trending on Twitter. Proving to charities how effective their campaigns can be when combined with the ease and accessibility of SMS donating.

Donors began posting their make-up free photo alongside a screenshot of their text donation – adding fuel to the fire. This caused a spike in donations at 10PM last night - proving the ease and accessibility of mobile donation - as over €40,000 was donated within a single hour.

You’re probably wondering - where on earth has this come from!?

Is it breast cancer awareness month - nope.

Has any cancer charity launched a recent breast cancer campaign - nope!

Did Beyoncé snap her muck free face to get the ball rolling - not even a little bit!

This activity is 100% organic – straight from the social media community. No charity organisation has yet claimed responsibility for the campaign. Irish social media users have put their weight behind The Irish Cancer Society, showing the big heart of our little nation - and how easily you can make a difference - every little does help!

Since 1963 The Irish Cancer Society has been at the forefront of cancer care in Ireland, they remain a trusted institution today raising millions every year through campaigns such as Daffodil Day and Shave or Dye. These funds will now go towards information and support services for Irish people affected by cancer, with the remainder invested in cancer research.

LIKECHARITY was founded in 2013 with the aim of merging charity fundraising and new technology more effectively. CEO Tadhg O’Toole says:

“Our aim is to make fundraising more efficient for charities, and make donating more accessible for the public - the Irish Cancer Society was quick to see the potential in mobile giving and it has benefited them greatly both through their campaigns and through the strong reaction from the Irish public through sensations such as the no make-up selfie.”

LIKECHARITY works with Ireland’s leading network providers that ensures 100% of each donation goes directly to The Irish Cancer Society across most networks.