What a New Charity Regulator Will Mean for the Irish Non-Profit Sector

Michael Gaskin, Business and Strategy Analyst for LIKECHARITY, weighs-in on the recent discussions surrounding the future appointment of a Irish Charity Regulator.


The announcement came this week that the Government is going to fast track the appointment of an interim charities regulator within the next month. This news has been warmly welcomed by a sector which has in recent months come under sustained pressure, from politicians and citizens alike, to be more transparent and accountable with regards to their financial affairs.

This swift move by Minister Shatter and the Department of Justice will prove essential in rebuilding the public’s trust and confidence in charities, whose discrepancies last year culminated in a drop of over 40% in charitable donations over the Christmas period.

The appointment of a permanent Charities Regulator must be made via an “expressions of interest” to the relevant authorities. This will ensure that the process is both open and accountable, allowing the permanent Regulator to have real authority within the voluntary sector and removing the risk of any potential conflicts of interest.

With the full establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority due before the end of April 2014, now is the time for the sector to regroup and begin building trust with the public again. 

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