New identity and website!


LIKECHARITY brand and website is revamped!

All of us here at LIKECHARITY are delighted to announce the launch of our revamped brand and website.  

LIKECHARITY are very lucky to be working with some amazing organisations that are changing the world one day at time. All this work, however, couldn’t be possible without the generous support of the public. The main purpose of our website is not only to reflect the outstanding work that charities do but also to showcase the incredible impact donors have on the world we live in.

LIKECHARITY is only the medium through which donors can get in touch with the charities and causes they really care about, it is the donors that help charities to make great things happen around the world. The generosity we have witnessed in Ireland since we started has been unbelievable! Since we launched, just nine months ago, we have seen almost €850,000 raised through the platform.

Whether you’re a supporter, a charity or a mobile network operator our new website has additional information about the service we provide and how to get involved with our growing company.

As you can see we have some fabulous photos in the background of our website. These images signify the positive and significant impact that donors’ support has for the charities they contribute to. If you have any similar images that you would like to see featured on our website please don’t hesitate to let us know at