The Future is Coming - And It’s Mobile!

As 2013 draws to a close all of us here at LIKECHARITY are celebrating our past achievements and looking forward to our future challenges.

In the 11 months since we set up we have established an SMS giving platform used by 84 of Ireland’s leading charities and have continued to develop our relationships with non-profit organisations throughout the UK and USA.

This year saw a huge increase in the number of businesses using mobile marketing, 74% of global businesses now use mobile to directly engage with customers. While social media and apps are popular for keeping customers updated and building brand loyalty, a majority of organisations rely on the simplicity of text messaging to contact customers. For charities, SMS is a simple, direct and effective method to engage with supporters and ask for donations.  

Through mobile donations we hope to give potential donors a quick and effective method of making a contribution to their chosen charity. In November the UK Disasters Emergency Committee revealed that over £1.3 million of the £6 million raised for victims of the Philippines’ typhoon was donated via text message. Use of mobile donations gives donors a convenient medium through which they can donate a small, once-off sum.

As the world becomes more tech-focused businesses must adjust their marketing strategies to accommodate this, and charities are no different. Open Market estimates that 50% of polled organisations spend over $1 Million annually on their mobile platforms and with the success of text donations in 2013 the sector is expected to continue growing significantly in the new year.    

LIKECHARITY are hoping to develop our services significantly in the new year. Combining this with continued growth within the Irish charity sector and the development of LIKECHARITY in Great Britain and America, we’re optimistically looking forward to 2014.    


Information retrieved from Open Market’s The Rise of Holistic Enterprise Mobile Engagement August 2013.

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