Charity Miles - Make Your Workout Count!

Marathons have always been a cornerstone of charity fundraising. They give both a sense of personal achievement and the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause all-in-one.

But now new technology from the States means you can almost double your good deed by getting sponsored to do your daily exercise! The new app Charity Miles helps you track your exercise routine - and raise money doing it!

On downloading the app you can choose a charity that you wish to support, and then track how many miles you walk, run or cycle. For every mile cycled you earn 10c for your chosen charity, and 25c for every mile walked or ran. And what’s more - you don’t even have to pester your friends and family to donate! Charity Miles has gained sponsorship from dozens of different businesses throughout the US so when you exercise it’s these corporations who are donating to your charity.

All charities will tell you - every little helps! With Charity Miles you aren’t just fitting charitable giving into your everyday life, but you’re helping make a difference just by going about your daily routine!

Technology like this is the way forward for charity organisations. Life can be hectic and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to even research how to give back to charities. Mobile is the future of fundraising, be it through apps like Charity Miles or LikeCharity’s text donations, convenience is the key to optimising fundraising! It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s effective!