Fundraising Tools



Our SMS platform collects donations from Irish phone Networks. It acts as a large wireless collection box. Whether you want to collect one off donations, regular donations, run a competition, a voting poll or sponsorship via SMS, we can help! Almost 300 Irish charities use our text-to-donate platform. It's easy to set-up! 

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Direct Response Television (DRTV)

We provide the most comprehensive and competitive fundraising DRTV services available in Ireland. Our flexible acquisition methodology is tailored on a campaign basis. How does it work?


  • Creative video advertising production, including concept and creative preparation

  • DRTV advert production, including data lead interactive production

  • Mobile, recurring credit card and direct debit billing.

  • Call centre services for DRTV

  • Media buying plus ongoing placement optimisation

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Online Campaigns

You're aware that you should be online, but how exactly do you do that? We're here to help. Monetise existing content or create new content specifically for your online audience. We produce content and execute high-performing online awareness and fundraising campaigns. A great way to enforce your brand online and obtain donations. 


  • Creative video content production for online audience

  • Concept development

  • Sourcing of existing assents or original produced content

  • Post production and online delivery format

  • Social media marketing

  • Online advertising

  • Digital consultancy

  • Strategic online planning

  • Customised, streamlined credit card donation page to collect donations

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We deliver industry best contact rates and world class telefundraising for reactivation and upgrade campaigns. for the non-profit sector. Using the phone is essential to drive growth and foster lasting supporter relationship. Our systematic and data driven approach has enabled us to deliver low attrition rates


  • Telephony Projects-Inbound/Outbound Call Centre projects

  • New Donor acquisitions

  • Donor reactivation programs

  • Donor upgrading

  • Donor thank you campaigns


Video Production

Create memorable and engaging videos to help collect donations, raise awareness and gain support.


  • Script Writing

  • Visual Storyboarding

  • Creative Direction

  • Production Services

  • Talent Booking

  • Post Production

  • Ad Delivery

We can help you stand out from the crowd by creating unique videos that engage your supporters and promote your cause to a wider network.
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