About LikeCharity


LikeCharity was founded in 2013 with a simple goal: to help charities raise money in a more cost effective way.

We began by breaking down the barriers that made giving by text message so cost prohibitive. By partnering with all the major network operators we developed a mobile giving platform that enabled any registered charity to set up a fundraising campaign quickly, easily and without having to commit huge funds to something that might not work.

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Our belief in easy fundraising methods was proved right, much sooner than we thought! Viral social media phenomena like the No Makeup Selfie and the Ice Bucket Challenge generated millions of euro through LikeCharity in a ludicrously short period of time. As a result, Irish charities have now raised over €6,000,000 through our mobile platform.

We’ve always known that people are happy to help the causes they really care about - you just have to remove the roadblocks. We invested in our vision to develop smarter processes and more innovative tools to revolutionise existing channels of communication, which span all stages of donor engagement. We now serve hundreds of charities in Ireland. We use a suite of fundraising tools to devise and execute connected strategies, blending emotional outreach with deep-rooted, long lasting donor engagement. If you'd like to find out more about what we can do for your charity please get in touch!