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Note: Please complete a separate keyword form for each keyword requested. 

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Dates that your keyword may have a lot of traffic. eg. National collection days, radio or television appearances etc.

A few details to know

  • A keyword is the word that donors text to our registered shortcode (50300) to donate to your charity. The donation is deducted from a donor's credit or added to their bill. 
  • You can choose the donation amount of your keyword to be €2, €4 or €6 weekly or monthly. Once a keyword has been activated, it is not possible to change the donation amount so choose carefully.
  • We recommend that you choose a short keyword. It is important that your keyword is easy to spell and remember. 
  • Keywords are not case specific (e.g. give and GIVE will both be recognised).  
  • You can view your existing active keywords here.
  • We reserve the right to reclaim and recycle keywords that have not been activated within three months.  
  • When we confirm that your chosen keyword is available, we will advise you about your next steps.