Competition/Voting Poll Form

Complete the form below to apply for a competition or voting poll

If you have not already registered with LIKECHARITY, please do so here before you submit a competition/voting poll form.  

Things you need to know about competitions and voting polls 

  • Entrants are required to text the competition/voting poll keyword to 50300 to enter and donate to your charity. The charge per entry will be €2, €4 or €6 depending on what price point your charity chooses.
  • VAT applies on some networks: a minimum of €1.63 of every €2, €3.25 of every €4 and €4.88 of every €6 will go to your charity. Money is deducted from donors' credit or added to their bill.
  • Entrants will receive a receipt message for each entry. 
  • One text will be considered as one entry so donors can enter multiple times.
  • Service limited to Republic of Ireland donors only.
  • Any attempted entries received before or after the starting/closing date will be disregarded.  
  • An insufficient number of entries is not an acceptable reason for changing the closing date or withholding prizes. 
  • When the closing date has passed, we will deactivate the keyword used. 
  • For voting polls, you will be able to see the winner using our donation monitoring tools, Oz. For competitions, we we will send you the phone numbers of all entrants via 7zip (a secure application). For Data Protection reasons, you are only permitted to contact the winner of the competition. 
  • Your advertising must adhere to the ComReg Code of Practice at all times. You can download the ComReg Code of Practice here.
  • LIKECHARITY will invoice your charity for the agreed competition/voting poll administration fee.
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Contact Name
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